What role can the innovation in greenhouses play in the eradication of hunger? Have we misunderstood environmentalism in food production? Do you know how to detect pseudoscience in food diets? Is it possible to cultivate food under plastic on Mars? Is climate change as apocalyptic as we were told? What conclusions would we draw after analyzing a tomato from a holistic perspective? What if we are wrong about the demonisation of plastic?

These and other questions will be discussed at ‘Inversolar 2021. Ideas under plastic’, the European Congress on Solar Greenhouses’. For that purpose, we will have the voices of scientists and experts, who will share scientific evidence regarding the agricultural production in greenhouses.



José Miguel Mulet

Real environmentalism and the future of agriculture.

Paco Calvo

Sapiens Plant: Phyto-bioinspiration for a sustainable agricultural engineer.

Anthony Warner

An angry chef’s guide to detect the misuse of science in the world of food.

Ismahane Elouafi

The role of greenhouses to eradicate hunger.

Nahum Méndez Chazarra

Moon farming: the challenge of feeding beyond the Earth.

Jesús Zamora Bonilla

Climate change: neither indifference, nor apocalypse.

Mireia Nicolás

The ‘sapiens’ of tomatoes.

Deborah García

Life in plastic, it’s fantastic.